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Distance/eLearning MSc in Psychiatry

The MSc in Psychiatry - eLearning is a part time distance learning course designed for students who wish to study online, anywhere in the world. The course is presented primarily in the medium of video and consists of simulated patient interviews, interactive clinical consultations, lectures and live tutorials. A full time dedicated course tutor, Dr Dean Burnett, will guide students through the course. Watch the video below to see how the course is presented.

The course is designed to teach the knowledge and evidence base underlying the practice of psychiatry. It is suitable for psychiatric clinical trainees, other doctors and other healthcare professionals as well as those with an interest in psychiatry.

MRC center

This course forms part of Cardiff University MRC Centre for Neuropsychiatric Genetics & Genomics, a world leading research centre.

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Course Description

The eLearning MSc in Psychiatry is a 3 year part time programme, but can be completed sooner. The first two years are taught and are examined by coursework (30%) and final exam (70%) and can be taken on their own to gain the award of Postgraduate Diploma in Psychiatry. Students who continue into the third year, carry out a research project (or research review or research proposal) and submit a dissertation to gain an MSc in Psychiatry. The dissertation can be submitted within two and a half years. Students who only complete one year of the course are eligible for a Postgraduate certificate.

University webpage

More details of the eLearning course can be found on the Cardiff University website.

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Entry Requirements

Graduates in medicine from an approved university are eligible to apply. Applications from graduates in other health sciences, biological sciences or psychology are also welcomed as are applications from professionals working in the field of mental health. Overseas students will be expected to demonstrate a high level of English language competence. Selection of applicants to this course will be on the basis of a completed application form and referees recommendations. Selection criteria include academic results, psychiatric clinical experience, evidence of an interest in psychiatry and proven competence in English.

Course Information

This is the course flyer which gives you all the information you need about the eLearning MSc in Psychiatry.

Online access to all of the course presentations

All the presentations which form part of this eLearning course are be accessible and viewable using handheld devices such as smart phones iPad and tablet PC.

End of year exams

The exams will take place in Cardiff, but can be done in your country of residence by special arrangement with a local institution or British Council office (this may incur an additional fee)

How to Apply


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